Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For Those Who Don't Know...

For those who don't know who Black Veil Brides is, read this blog now and you'll never regret reading it!

Black Veil Brides is a rock and roll band that was started in 2005. The current members are Andy "Six" Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson, Christian "CC" Coma and Jake Pitts.

 Andy "Six" Biersack

Andy "Six" Biersack is the lead singer/founder of Black Veil Brides. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin though due to bullying, he and his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio then later moved to Hollywood, California to pursue his music career. At the age of 15, he started his band which was first off titled Biersack. But later on, inspired from real black veil brides, or the ritual of a woman marrying into the church and becoming a nun, he then titled the band Black Veil Brides. He was inspired by the ritual because when the woman marries into the church, she gives up all of the cardinal pleasures of life for God and Jesus. The title Black Veil Brides suits Andy's persona because he is giving up almost everything for his passion for rock and roll. Andy currently has a girlfriend named Juliette Moore, vocalist/guitarist of Automatic Loveletter.

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy is the bassist/back up vocalist of Black Veil Brides. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri then later moved to Hollywood, California to pursue his music career. While growing up in St. Louis, he was surrounded by music and the arts which drove him down that path. He was an experienced, yet unprofessional, clothing/interior designer and in Black Veil Brides, he made designs for merchandise and bandanas, as you can see on his head in the picture. When he was in Hollywood, Ashley met Andy and they started talking about Andy's band Black Veil Brides and how they want the band to give out a never giving in message to the teenage outcasts in the country, and possibly the whole world. If he did not agree with Andy's vision of his band, you may have never seen Ashley rocking this world, one step at a time.  

Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson

 Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson is the rhythm guitarist/violinist/back up vocalist of Black Veil Brides. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa then later moved to Hollywood, California to pursue his music career. During the 90's, when the 80's rock and roll boulder became a pebble, Jinxx got tired of the 90's 'rock and roll' and turned to classical music and played the violin. At school, kids used to bully him and beat him up for not liking and/or playing 90's rock songs from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Sound Garden. Instead, he stuck to the good old 80's rock bands like Motley Crue and Kiss. In 2008, while in Hollywood, he had a girlfriend named Sammi Doll, keyboardist/back up vocalist of My Satellite. In the spring of 2011, he proposed to Sammi. They are currently engaged and planning the wedding, which has no official date.

 Christian "CC" Coma

 Christian "CC" Coma is the drummer/percussionist of Black Veil Brides. He was born in Los Angeles, California and stayed put to pursue his music career. He is the newest member of the band, as of joining in 2010 after the former drummer, Sandra Alvarenga, left and joined Modern Day Escape. He first played drums when he was little and started to really get into playing drums when he was 17. When he was in school, CC joined the jazz ensembles and other bands outside of school.

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts is the lead guitarist of Black Veil Brides. He was born in Minneapolis/St. Peters, Minnesota then later moved to Hollywood, California to pursue his music career. Inspired by Metallica and his mom, Jake has been playing guitar for 12+ years and he was in his first band at age 15. He currently has a girlfriend named Ella Cole, a British model.

For those who know Black Veil Brides, I'm sorry if I got the information wrong and/or there wasn't any information you wanted to know about your favorite member. This is all I know about the band. 


  1. i like how you showed each player and wrote about eeach one, i learned a lot from this and i just mite try out one of their song... but one question... is CC wearing any pants, cuz i honestly cant tell :P